The theological reflection this month is on the cross and the lynching tree and the lie of white supremacy.


Choose one or more of the following:





  • Who are the people you see risking their safety or security to stand up for the freedom and flourishing of other people—here in the U.S. or in other parts of the world?

  • Look through the calendar of saints listed in A Great Cloud of Witnesses. How many of them were killed because of their dedication to standing up for the freedom and flourishing of other people?


  • Connect with someone you admire who is speaking and acting to address racial injustice. If they are local, arrange for coffee or a meal together. If they are far away, try to connect by email or phone.

  • Uncover your church’s history of participation in behaviors and structures of both racial injustice and racial justice and healing. Interview elders in the church and look through church and diocesan documents, and newspaper reports.


  • What stood out to you the most?

  • How are you feeling?

  • What action will you take?

  • Who in your family/community may want to take action with you?


Christ is risen!
God lives and is alive in us.
Beauty, love, joy, passion, justice - despite everything, they persist!
No spirit of destruction,
no forces of violence,
no means of everyday evil can steal our hope.
The stone has been rolled away.
The Spirit of Life cannot be contained.
Christ is risen!

Holy One, through you the impossible becomes possible. You birth hope into inconceivable places: In our greatest pain. In our heaviest grief. In our weightiest battles with injustice. Even when we cannot yet perceive it, your Spirit is at work. Give us the faith, O God, to trust in the mystery of your redemptive hand. Amen.

(from "enfleshed," a community and online resource that seeks to provide individuals and communities with spiritual and theological resources for liturgy, prayer & contemplation, preaching, teaching, and consulting that speak directly to what matters the most.)