The  Beloved Community Initiative organizes its work in four major components of justice, healing, and reconciliation. 


Telling The Truth

Who are we? What things have we done and left undone regarding racial justice and healing? How can we provide space and opportunity to share about the history and realities of race in Iowa? The Beloved Community Initiative engages this work through educational programs, re-examining local stories, and partnering with allies and accomplices to illustrate both the stories and the alternative visions.


Proclaiming the dream

How can we publicly acknowledge things done and left undone? What does Beloved Community look like? What behaviors and commitments foster healing, reconciliation? The Beloved Community Initiative engages this work through interfaith gatherings for reflection and spiritual practice, seeking repentance, developing liturgical resources, and rebuilding systems and structures.


Practicing the way of love

How will we grow as reconcilers, healers, and justice-bearers? How will we actively grow relationships across dividing walls and seek Christ in the other? What does the spiritual practice of dismantling racism look like? The Beloved Community Initiative engages this work by providing space for public story-telling, offering training opportunities for all ages, facilitating leadership training, and coordinating pilgrimages.


Repairing the breach

What institutions and systems are broken? How can we participate in the repair, restoration, and healing of people, institutions, and systems? The Beloved Community Initiative engages this work by building community partnerships, offering space for community groups, creating and offering justice initiatives, supporting restorative justice initiatives