The Beloved Community Initiative offers training opportunities for youth and adults from across the state to learn to recognize and respond to bias and racism (our own and others’), to build equitable relationships, to communicate effectively across difference, and to develop strategies to challenge organizational barriers to inclusion and facilitate change.

A youth camp will be offered each summer that will enhance youth leadership skills and will specifically focus on training and skill-building for youth. 

We also facilitate learning across the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa and support growth opportunities such as workshops and leadership training.



The Beloved Community Initiative is developing Pilgrimage experiences that explore Underground Railroad sites in Iowa, that visit the site of the Wounded Knee Massacre in South Dakota, and environmental justice sites in Northwest Iowa.

We also are able to coordinate pilgrimage opportunities that highlight reconciliation: Episcopal Relief & Development Ghana Reconciliation Pilgrimage, the Jonathan Daniels Pilgrimage in Alabama, the Diocese of Atlanta’s Lynching Pilgrimage, the Trail of Souls in the Diocese of Maryland.



We seek to make our space available for public story-telling around race. We invite people to share stories about the current and ongoing realities and dynamics of race and racism in Iowa, and hope to help develop and support  an inter-generational writing & literacy project. 


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