Choose one or more of the following:





  • Notice where in your life you encounter people of Asian descent. Are they treated with respect?

  • When you talk with your friends, notice comments about API Americans. Have you or your friend made an assumption about the traits or mindset of someone that is what influenced by the model minority myth or by assumptions involving gender or childrearing styles?

  • Notice cultural appropriations in the naming and styling of toys, foods, restaurants, entertainment, digital technology, etc.



  • What stood out to you the most?

  • How are you feeling?

  • What action will you take?

  • Who in your family/community may want to take action with you?


Holy One,
We have heard your call to justice and repentance, and we are responding. We resist temptations to look away, pretending not to hear. We perceive your mandate to move beyond regret or "I'm sorry" to the active work of undoing systems of racism, whether they function at the legal or economic level or in our hearts or minds.

Layer on layer, we learn and grieve: new understandings of how one group imposes control on another, of forms of aggression and denial, of how far our communities are from what they should be.

We are not looking away.
We are not pulling back.
We turn to you for help.
You are our God of judgment and our God of hope.

Do not excuse us from this work, but grant us courage to press on.
We do not give you rationalizations but our hearts eager for change and our hands ready to respond.
We turn away from "not my fault" to "ours to change."
Guide us forward, together, in this work.
Keep alive in us a flame of hope for justice for all races. Amen.