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26 East Market Street
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We are located on the top floor of Old Brick in Iowa City. We acknowledge, with respect, that this land where Old Brick stands today are the homelands of the Sauk and Meskwaki people. We recognize this land has been the ancestral homelands of Indigenous Nations since time immemorial.

We acknowledge with regret that various European and Christian settlers, governments and organizations forced Native peoples and Nations off this land and onto reservations by 1850. We acknowledge with respect the determination and commitment expressed by the Meskwaki people when they returned to Iowa to purchase a portion of their homeland in 1857. They came here once again to reestablish their Nation, sustain their families, grow their crops, take care of their children, and practice their traditions, faith, and spirituality without interference.

Since then the Meskwaki have owned, cared for, and added to their homelands near Tama, Iowa.