Our Mission:

Becoming Beloved Community

Dismantling racism through love in action. Creating justice with dignity and respect.


Our Mission

Telling the Truth through educational programs, re-examining local stories, partnering with allies and accomplices.
Proclaiming the Dream through interfaith gatherings for reflection and spiritual practice, seeking repentance, and rebuilding systems and structures.
Practicing the Way of Love by providing space for public story-telling, offering training opportunities for all ages, facilitating leadership training, and coordinating pilgrimages.
Repairing the Breach by building community partnerships, offering space for community groups, creating and offering justice initiatives, and supporting restorative justice initiatives.

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Our Programs

The Beloved Community Initiative for Racial Justice, Healing, and Reconciliation in Iowa aims to equip people to grow as a community of reconcilers, justice-makers, and healers. The Beloved Community Initiative is focused on four long-term components of this work: telling the truth, proclaiming the dream of Beloved Community, practicing the Way of Love, and repairing the breach in society and institutions.  




November 2017

“While Iowa City sometimes likes to pride itself in being a liberal oasis, open to all, there is still work to be done. We are a community of great privilege, and as demographics change, we simply must be more aware of the ways in which we still need to work for justice.”

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There are many ways to get involved with the work of the Beloved Community Initiative. Do you have gifts, stories, or resources to share? Are you looking for training and or education? 


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Volunteer your time. We depend on volunteers to staff our events and our programs.

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The work of the Beloved Community Initiative relies on donations from community members.